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In this free book, I take a different approach. I use examples from the history of science in which scientists collectively have been wrong to see whether they could be making the same sort of mistakes today about global warming. It is short and can be read in a couple of hours.
I also examine a sample of the evidence that convinces scientists that they are not wrong about global warming. I discuss the reliability of the computerized climate models that scientists use to project into the future. Finally I assess whether, as many people believe, scientists substantially disagree about global warming.
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1. Read the PDF file in Preview or Adobe.
2. The MOBI file is for mobile devices. This link tells you how to get it onto your iPhone or iPad using iTunes. It will then show up in the Kindle reader. You can also read the MOBI file on your desktop by downloading Kindle for Mac, for example, here. See here for the Kindle Reading App.
3. Many ebook readers open EPUB files. Here is a link with useful advice. An easy way is to put the file into Dropbox and then open it from Dropbox on your mobile. A good way is to do that and open it in iBooks on an iPad. Then you can expand the charts.
4. You can also download a free e-book program called Calibre here. It will open books in any format.