Walkout with the School Strikers!

The School Strikers have called for massive climate strikes and a week of action beginning on September 20. For the reasons below, I believe that every person of conscience, and scientists first and foremost, must leave the sidelines and walkout with them.
• Every human being has an unalienable right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Whenever a Government becomes destructive of those rights, it is the just duty of every citizen, at the very least, to refuse to continue business-as-usual.
• As most scientists have remained in their labs and classrooms, science denial has become U.S. government policy and all of science has come under attack. The war on science will be won only by selfless action and boots on the ground.
• When those who know the most stay out of the fight, the public must wonder whether the peril is as dire as scientists say it is.
• To let others, especially school children, bear the brunt of climate action is shameful.
• Any action that might save humanity's future must be tried. History is replete with examples of walkouts and General Strikes that brought change.
• Poet Drew Dellinger imagines our grandchildren asking, "What did you do when you knew?" Surely they will also ask, "Did you try everything?"